Vacancies for a failed dictator…

Apparently I missed all the excitement and this bastard is now apparently without a country to run, so I thought that I’d like to lend a hand with some handy suggestions as to what Gaddafi could be doing now he has some free time on his hands :

  • Cameron is looking to take a tough line on rioters and looters, so Gaddafi would be perfect as the new head of the Met. Who has more experience of putting down rioters than Gaddafi? Might be a tough call though as I understand Assad is also being considered.
  • How about Leader of the Opposition? After all he’s used to attacking the British government and the rumours are that Miliband is on the way out.
  • There is currently a vacancy for a Community Advisor in the Pitcairn Islands. After running Libya, looking after a population of 53 should be a doddle for Gaddafi and they never did find Fletcher Christian…
  • Suffolk County Council are recruiting a new chief executive. The pay’s not quite as good as for the last incumbent, but his management style should fit right in. 
  • Al Queda apparently have a vacancy for a new second in command although this would be a step down in seniority and I gather the accommodation is a bit more basic than Gaddafi is used to.
  • Perhaps Gaddafi could be helpful at the National Institute for Clinical Excellence – after all his considerable medical expertise seems to have worked well for Al Megrahi…

I’m sure there are a few more helpful suggestions out there, so how about adding a few of your own and I’ll see if I can forward them on to him…


2 responses to “Vacancies for a failed dictator…

  1. Captain Haddock

    How about Jacqui Smith hiring him as an image consultant ? .. Hers is so bad that any change could only be an improvement ..

  2. He will be starring in one of those post apocalypse Italian gang movies (musical score Vitori Moriconi) with him and his various sons careering around the desert on small motorbikes taking unlikely potshots while mysteriously failing to be dismounted.

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