RMT’s Bob Crow loses the plot

It’s good to know that when the going gets tough……some people lose a grip on reality!

It seems that one of those people is none other than union boss Bob Crow. Bob doesn’t seem to realise that the finances of this country are deep in the crapper and has come up with a great plan to drop us even further in it – except of course for his members who are, naturally, a special case.

The backgound to this is that Network Rail have announced plans to axe 800 signal boxes and replace them with 14 mammoth signalling centres. Bob reckons that this means as many as 4000 of his members could be made redundant, although this figure is unconfirmed. Now I have a degree of sympathy for the staff who will be redeployed or made redundant, but Bob’s hopping mad and has come up with a master plan…

He says he is “not opposed” to new technology but adds the changes should be accommodated through “a shorter working week, additional leave and the right to retire at 55 on full pension”.

Signallers currently work 36 hours a week and get 36 days annual leave – 28 days plus public holidays. The average salary is £47,000 and staff get gold-plated final salary pensions at 60.

And this at a time when we ordinary non-RMT scum are being told we need to work to 68 and take a pension cut…

Well, a 30 hour week for 47 grand and a full pension at 55 works for me, Bob. When can I start?

Oh, and is this a good time to mention that the gesture in the poster is, in some places, taken to mean ‘Fuck you!’?


3 responses to “RMT’s Bob Crow loses the plot

  1. With those wages,working week and pension plans I,ll put in for the job too….If I weren,t already there.

  2. A shorted working week? More paid leave? Retire at 55? That's a direct copy of the method used by the Greeks to f**k their economy – well done Bob (on your £147,000 pa)!

  3. I agree with Ed P. If we went "Greek" perhaps Bob would ensure we also got to drink copious quantities of Metaxa. Then the ruined economy wouldn't matter. Well, at least until we sobered up.