A newspaper editor speaks out…

“Come on, I mean there’s really been a whole load of rubbish in the papers lately about all this phone hacking stuff. I mean Christ mate, I should know. After all, I wrote most of it!

At the end of the day, how’s a journalist supposed to make his living if doesn’t get any juicy information any way he can? I can’t see nothing wrong with paying for it – after all if we didn’t drop all that cash to the workers in the local government and the NHS and the police they’d want more money and the government keeps telling us we can’t afford that in these tough economic times!

And now bloody Gordon’s having a moan. I don’t know how he’s got the cheek after all we did to for him when he was Prime Minister. He never wanted an enquiry back then and don’t let him kid you otherwise. He was just using it as a threat to blag a bit more coverage out of us, I reckon. Just like that Royal Family lot too. After all they don’t want a repeat of that squidgy tape thing again, so what’s a few lousy phone numbers?

I mean it’s not like we were doing anything illegal at the end of the day. I mean it would been illegal if Gordon had pushed it through, but in the end he saw common sense and let us just get on with it. It’s in the public interest after all to know what these people are really up to, and if we don’t tell ’em, who will?

Anyhow, it’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good. At least now the News of the Screws is gone there’ll be more people buying our papers and that’s gotta be a good thing, ain’t it? And as far as this enquiry thing goes, have they never bleedin’ ‘eard of the press protecting it’s sources?

Mark my words, it’ll all blow over. And if it doesn’t they’ll be surprised what we got off those tapes at the end of the day, mate, just you see…”

At this point there is a clicking sound heard and the editor is heard to say : “Fuck! Was that a tape recorder running?…”


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