Rotten Boroughs : Suffolk County Council

Small comfort yesterday to learn that the powers that be at Suffolk County Council have finally got rid of the waste of space that was their Chief Executive.

Regular readers will know that I have written about Britain’s highest paid council boss before, most recently when we was to be investigated for the effects of her ‘management style’ in the suicide of David White. This resulted in her being put on gardening leave after her return from holiday some eight weeks ago. You might recall that Ms Hill (pictured above) was paid £218,000 per annum, so the gardening leave in question has already cost the besieged tax payers of Suffolk around £18,000.

The council has reportedly told her to bugger off in exchange for a years salary – so now they are paying for her not to be there just the same as if she was! Many in Suffolk feel that that is a good deal because they are better off without her, her management style and her plans for the county.

The sad side of this story is that the decision appears to have been taken to avoid the ’embarassment and expense’ of a long and bitterly disputed disciplinary hearing. Of course, this also effectively means that the possible cause of Mr White’s suicide is effectively swept under the carpet. Little consolation then for Mr White’s family to see Ms Hill given a big fat wad of money!

And the government’s reaction to all this? Eric Pickles might be breathing a hefty sigh of relief that this embarassing woman has departed, but the best he could say about her replacement was that he hoped the salary offered ‘would reflect the austerity of the times we are living in’.

If that’s the best you can do Eric, then perhaps we should get rid of you as well?….


2 responses to “Rotten Boroughs : Suffolk County Council

  1. All they have to do is stipulate in any future contract, for this post, that the contract will be annually renewable. If the successful applicant is as good as he/she says he/she is then this would be no problem, I don't believe all this bollux that short term contracts adversely affects the efficiency of the post holder.One year at a time will concentrate the mind – very nicely.

  2. EXACTLY. Who are the numpties who draft these contracts? Supposedly, they are. "Getting the best people" but the functions are exactly the same as those competently discharged by people who were called " Town Clerks" in years past. They also combined the function of " Chief Legal Executive" and so on and so on.