Rotten Boroughs : Kent County Council

Kent County Council’s £197,000-a- year boss, Katherine Kerswell, has excelled herself by hiring six temps at a cost of up to £1,250 per day.
In a major reorganisation designed to save money, the Council employed three temporary directors. In their first three months, they cost the taxpayers of Kent £205,000 at a time when the council is cutting hundreds of jobs and slashing services in its biggest-ever financial-savings package.
Nine directors have taken redundancy since Mrs Kerswell joined as Managing Director in March last year, which doesn’t exactly seem to instil confidence in her leadership. Their top-paid temporary replacement, Malcolm Newsam, earns £1,250 daily to oversee families and care. Alastair Pettigrew, head of specialist children’s services, costs £825, and Andy Roberts, at education and learning skills, £780.
The council expects to cut 1,500 jobs over four years and is trying to shave £165million from its budget over the next two.
Council leader Paul Carter said: “Kent County Council is going about this intelligently and in the best interests of taxpayers. The cost of interim directors, which includes the fees paid to the agencies supplying them, is a completely separate issue.”
No, it’s not Paul…
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