Green tax

No doubt about it….. Chris Huhne is definitely off his rocker!

The latest blockbuster from this totally out-of-touch-with-reality fuckwit is that we should increase Council Tax bills for people who don’t insulate their homes.

The Lib Dem minister said he expected councils to favour households who made their properties more energy efficient.

He told MPs on the environmental audit committee that councils could help reduce carbon emissions by subsidising green households at the expense of those who don’t insulate lofts or install double glazing.

Now you might well think that this is complete ecoCrap pie in the sky. And you’d be right.

Exactly how are councils expected to implement this ridiculous idea? Even if it was practical, in a time of economic austerity, it would cost millions more to assess and collect than the revenue it would generate…

None of this, of course, occurs to Huhne because he’s just here to save the planet.

Thankfully, Eric Pickles dismissed the idea by pointing out that people were fed up with Council Tax rises and had no appetite for any more.

I think that’s a polite way of telling him to bugger off…


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