Baby P is turning in his grave

If you can hear a rustling sound, then it is most likely to be Peter Connelly turning in his grave.

This is Sharon Shoesmith. You will remember that she was the head of Social Services at Haringey Council who was sacked at the time that Baby P died. A report commissioned by Ofsted produced a damning report into her department highlighting shambolic operations and missed opportunities to saving the child’s life. She was sacked from her £110,000 a year job in December 2008.

Well, just to prove that the law really is an ass, you will be pleased to hear that the appeal court has ruled that she was made a scapegoat for the affair by the then Childrens Secretary, Ed Balls. The judge also ruled that Haringey Council failed to follow guidelines for dismissing an employee and that she was denied a fair hearing.

A gloating Shoesmith declared herself ‘over the moon’ outside the court after the hearing. She is now in line to pocket up to £1,000,000 in damages and £1,500,000 in pension rights.

I can do no better than to quote Mary O’Connor, Peter’s grandmother, who summed it all up like this :

“It’s another kick in the teeth. In any other walk of life the person at the top is the person with overall responsibility. Shoesmith should have lost her job. She is not the victim here, but she is the one who will profit. I hope she chokes on every penny. Terrible mistakes were made by the department she was paid very well to run. It is wrong and makes me feel sick to my stomach.”

On a happier note, David Cameron has announced that the Government and Council will be taking the decision to the Supreme Court to get it overturned.

Let’s hope that this will mean some justice, and not just law…


7 responses to “Baby P is turning in his grave

  1. One million pounds would buy a lot of soap, but not enough for her to wash away the guilt. She's a disgusting sub-human, with morals courtesy of New Labour and their vile cultural destruction.

  2. The Ofsted report was quickly produced on the instructions of Ed Balls (Mr-not-responsible-for-anything, himself), overturning the earlier, comprehensive study that gave the department a clean bill of health. Shoesmith was a scapegoat. Doesn't the grandmother have any resposibility?

  3. Once upon a time a senior manager presiding over a catastrophe like the one at Haringey Social Services would have done the "honourable thing" and resigned before they were fired. Times change.As for the "boots on the ground" social workers, doing a difficult and sometimes dangerous job for £25K. They have my respect.It is a pity that the "law" thinks that this person has suffered such an affront to their dignity that she deserves paying off to the tune of 40 social workers annual income.As I said. Time change.

  4. What was this grandmother doing while her daughter helped torture her grandson to death?

  5. Shoesmith should have resigned and should have taken responsibility for the actions within her department. But she shouldn't have been sacked the way she was. She was still entitled to be proper procedures in terms of disciplinary hearings, appeals etc. To be sacked on live TV by Ed Balls is not right in any sense. If there is anyone paying her compensation it should be Ed Balls.

  6. SBML: poor Balls cannot afford to pay it, due to the court judgement against him over his office bills – Hahahaha.(You'd struggle to find any mention of this on the BBC – I wonder why that is?)

  7. Nothing is enough for her to wash her guilt. And what the she was doing when her daughter helped.