OK – I accept this will probably not be a very popular post. I expect I will be called a cruel, heartless, unfeeling bastard. But I’ll risk it – because I think this needs to be said…

I’m not going to suggest that getting rid of Polio from the face of planet is a bad idea, because it isn’t. After all, it worked for smallpox – well, except for the bits they keep at Porton Down for biological warfare purposes of course. The question I am going to ask is this :

“Why is it always us?????”

Cameron has pledged £1.3bn towards the campaign. The UK has already committed more than any other nation – £2bn over 30 years. The extra £814m comes on top of the UK’s existing commitment of £680m between 2011 and 2015.

Other countries – including the United States – have contributed far less ($450 million) despite their considerably larger populations and economies. The Germans contributed £49 million, for Christ sake! That’s like pissing into the wind! Even Bill Gates is giving a $1 billion…

The fact is that the UK is funding about a third of the total global programme. That’s scandalous.

And how does Cameron justify this expenditure? He said there was a “strong moral case” for keeping pledges Britain had made to the developing world, no matter the economic circumstances at home.

“Today we come together because we have the chance to save another four million lives.” He said the idea of children dying from pneumonia and diarrhoea should be “unthinkable” in 2011.

“To those who say fine but we should put off seeing through those promises to another day because right now we can’t afford to help: I say – we can’t afford to wait.”

Laudable aims, Dave – but you’re wrong.

Let’s stop trying to impress the world with our leadership because, frankly, they’re just laughing at our naivety and stupidity…


4 responses to “Immunisation

  1. Dave is right!
    We should all support this.

    This an excellent idea. The Prime Minister is investing heavily in all our futures with this money.
    Since the master plan seems to be to fill this country until it is 'standing room only' the last thing we need is to import a lot of nasty germs. The potential is to save billions of NHS money in the future for a relatively small outlay now.
    I don't know why you can't see it?
    God help us all!

  2. People are dying from neglect in UK hospitals. But never mind, we are helping over-population in the 3rd world instead.
    Dave is beginning to make Gordon Brown seem less unacceptable – an achievement previously thought impossible.

  3. ” I expect I will be called a cruel, heartless, unfeeling bastard.”
    Nope. I completely agree.

  4. If I was cynical I would suggest CallMeDave has been offered a directorship with GSK upon his withdrawal from public life…