Pointless Software – Tesco SatNav

You know, just once in a while I read about something and it occurs to me that someone failed to ask one of the most poinient questions known to the English language – “Why?”

Now I am an ardent fan of technology – not – but I will admit just once in a while something comes along where I think to myself “You know, that could be really useful!” Unfortunately, this isn’t one of those moments.

Admittedly Tesco has some big stores and it just might be difficult to find things so some bright spark has come up with a great idea. Let’s use in store SatNav through your mobile phone. The idea is that you enter your shopping list into your phone and then the system in the store will direct you through the shop to exactly the items you want by the most efficient route. Fantastic!

Trouble is that it will probably take you considerably longer to enter the list into the phone than the extra time – if any – that it would have taken you to simply walk up and down the aisles in the first place.

And, of course, don’t kid yourself it’s free, because even if you ignore the cost of the call, there’s the application that Tesco will sell you to make it all work in the first place.

So what do Tesco say about all this?

Nick Lansley, head of research and development for Tesco, said “The new service is able to show you where all your wanted products are on a store map, show you where you are on that map, and guide you round the store to pick up your products using the shortest route.”

He added: “We won’t be rolling this out to customers in general for a while because we have to think about how useful it’s going to be. The system involves a lot of infrastructure installation in the stores so we need to get all kinds of people involved in thinking about the customer experience. It would be awful if we did all this work but few customers really used it.”



4 responses to “Pointless Software – Tesco SatNav

  1. If you're going to the trouble of putting your shopping list in your phone, you may as well just order it online and have it delivered.

  2. As I said, Bucko, 'Quite…'

  3. Where's the fucking vodka aisle?