The Great Greek Sell Off

Canny buggers, yer Greeks…

As you will have read here recently, Greece is not doing too well at the moment so they came up with a couple of things to help themselves out.

Firstly, there was a lot of discussion about whether the latest stage of the great EU bailout would actually go ahead, so they decided that if it didn’t then they would reluctantly have to leave the Euro zone and bring back the Drachma. This is actually quite sneaky because if Greece did leave, the value of the Eurozone assets would deplete rather, leaving the other countries somewhat in the fertilizer.

So what happens? Well, the EU decide that it would be a good idea to go a little softer on them. Sneaky but effective – especially as several Greek business owners I spoke to expect Greece to leave the Euro within 5 years anyway!

Secondly, next month the Greeks are coming to the UK to launch a garage sale of their assets at Claridges. On offer will be everything from bits of Greek airports and Hellenic Horse Racing through to the Greek National Lottery. I’m sure the mafia may well be interested in the latter offering…

Several Chief Execs of Greek companies are coming to flog off their firms and Vince Cable is lined up to give the opening address.

Unfortunately, there will be no Ouzo drinking, dancing or plate smashing – so maybe the Greeks really are changing their ways…


One response to “The Great Greek Sell Off

  1. Put me down for a crate of industrial grade Metaxa. Must be worth at least a fiver.