Endangered cyclists

I was interested to hear recently that the EU is considering legislation to force HGV owners to have new technology fitted to all their vehicles to warn them when cyclists are in the blind spots on the near side of their vehicles.
Now, I’m not against this per say, and I’m not suggesting that cyclists should all go to the lengths this guy has gone to to ensure they get noticed, but I was concerned at the quote that these devices cost ‘a very affordable amount per vehicle.” £750 is, in my opinion, not a ‘very affordable amount.’
Also, I do think that there is some onus on the cyclist to pay his or her part in basic road safety.
Many times I have watched cyclists go through red traffic lights or go over to the wrong side of the road before making a right turn. This is dangerous practice and, let’s be honest, it’s illegal.
The problem is that there is no way to penalise a cyclist for bad riding in the same way there is to penalise a driver for bad driving. Cyclists are uninsured and unlicensed – so maybe it is time this was changed.

Road safety for cyclists and motorists is, of course, important but let’s share the responsibility equally and not just dump it all on the motorist…


One response to “Endangered cyclists

  1. When a four-wheeler, lorry or car, is indicating a left turn, WTF do cyclists, who want to go straight ahead, think it is sensible to try their damndest to sneak up on the left of said four-wheeler.