Religion and philosophy

I will now explain the meaning of life…

The Matrix nearly got it right. Reality is an illusion.
I am God. Nothing exists except me and all reality mearly exists in my consciousness. I have no physical body but I think of myself as having one. Everything that happens in ‘the world’ is a figment of my imagination. You do not exist outside of my ‘mind’.
Now, you might think that’s a load of old tosh – but that doesn’t matter because you don’t exist.
It’s an argument that is totally irrefutable.

10 responses to “Religion and philosophy

  1. Rebuttal :-

    “You are not God – you are tripping on a cocktail of drugs – Now pick yourself up and get out of the gutter” !!

  2. “It's an argument that is totally irrefutable…”
    No it isn't, otherwise you wouldn't be making the argument in the first place.

  3. Don't be ridiculous.

    I am GOD – Not you.

    You are just a figment of my fevered imagination brought on by drinking an excessive quantity of 5 star Metaxa (which of course as we all know also doesn't exist).

    Anyway, have you finished putting the immigration poem to music yet?

    God expects results.

  4. It's amazing the things that I dream up just to keep myself entertained. Even the responses I have imagined have been interesting, so I must have a twisted imagination.

    I must imagine mysef responding just to give myself something to occupy myself.

    There – that's better…

  5. Hi Billo. How did I ever think you up?

    I have to confess that I don't actually do the music – I have a mate I met on a boat a while back who does that (see

    He supplies the musical stuff I post and I put it to video. He's not particularly adept on video stuff so it's an interesting marriage of convenience!

    I've sent him the poem so will be interested to see what he comes up with. Hopefully it will be more up beat than his last offering, “Life is shit”!!! I think that must have been in his red wine period.

    Incidentally, 5* Metaxa has reached a ludicrous €25 a bottle (no, not a litre, a bottle). It's bloody ridiculous. I've had to resort to Ouzo. Good job I imagined an alternative!

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  8. Solipsism is an extreme philosophical stance which is indeed irrefutable. Although I have to admit I’ve never seen it applied to the supreme deity before. The world is an illusion and we are mere shadows on the great stage simply playing out god’s drama. But hang on, I’m contemplating this so I can’t be an illusion: ‘I am pink therefore I am spam.’ I know I exist therefore everything else is an illusion, including god. Perhaps I am god. Might go and descend upon the Philistines and do some smiting. No, I will arrange a meeting for other solipsists. We meet every Wednesday at 8.00pm in the ‘Chainmakers Arms’ in Tipton High Street. I’ll be there, god willing, but will you?

  9. Tipton does not exist. Like Heaven and Hell it is merely a construct of a diseased human mind…

  10. Tipton exists alright and indeed it is hell.