“I don’t, therefore I’m not…”

Recently, I recieved a comment – which got lost in the great 2011 Blogger crash – that if I was on on holiday then “I don’t blog, therefore I am not…”

It’s a fair comment, and quite witty I thought. Anyway, as you read this I am reposing in a Greek taverna swigging a cappuchino and a Ouzo, or perhaps lounging on my balcony with a glass of the good old 5 star Metaxa. So, basically, I don’t really care.

I was in Turkey and Greece a few weeks back as you will have gathered from recent posts but I have had this little repose in the diary for quite a while, a chance to catch up with my friend Old Sawbones for a good old moan about what needs putting right in the world.

I am hoping this will turn out to be a better repose than the last one – it’s certainly going to be a damn site cheaper – and it’s nice to be just kicking back for a while. I don’t care if the plants are all dying in the garden at home. I don’t even care if the exchange rate is crap and the Greeks have raised their VAT again. I’m happy…

Oh, and for the uneducated amongst you here’s a short lesson in the fine art of Metaxa. The 3 star is for mixing with Coke, the 5 star is for drinking and the 7 star is for flogging to tourists.

And no, please don’t put water in my Ouzo.

I’m back at the weekend and then have a few weeks at home before popping off to the Arctic to shoot some polar bears…


One response to ““I don’t, therefore I’m not…”

  1. Spot on with those Metaxa ratings, mate!