Foxy hits the spot

You will have gathered from the picture on the left that I was somewhat unimpressed with Liam Fox when I told him what to do with his nuclear deterent…

Well, I have changed my view somewhat after he came out publically against Cameron’s balmy plan to enshrine the overseas aid budget in law!

My regular reader will know that I am no lover of ringfencing the aid budget at a time when this country is in the economic crapper, but to suggest that 0.7% of this country’s income should be set aside by law is, frankly, completely fucking nuts!

What the hell are you thinking about, Cameron? Is there fuck all else more important for you to be concentrating on at the moment apart from this piece of patent absolute nonsense!?

So all credit to Liam Fox for saying that “I have considered the issue carefully, and discussed it with Andrew (Mitchell) and William Hague, but I cannot support the proposal in its current form.”

A source close to Fox insisted that he was not opposed to the government’s plan to increase spending on aid, saying: “The defence secretary fully supports the principle of a 0.7% target on international aid. The issue is simply how best to reflect this in law.”

Quite right, Liam. If the government decides to give our hard earned money away to a load of bone idle Johnny foreigners then that’s one thing. But the government is the government. It does not need to legislate for itself to do anything – it just does it!

It seems a shame to me that we don’t have this guy running the country…


One response to “Foxy hits the spot

  1. Governments cannot enshrine anything in law, any future government, even Cameron himself, could unenshrine it.It is a meaningless gesture allowing Dave to ponce and preen at world forums just as Blair and G.Brown did.