Wake up call from Pope

When Jesus asked his disciples to stay awake while he prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane, he was asking every believer throughout history to remain awake to the reality of God and to the reality of sin, Pope Benedict XVI has said.

The Pope said that Jesus’s request was “a permanent message for all times because the drowsiness of his disciples was not just a problem in that moment; it is a problem throughout history”.

The Pope said, the lack of awareness about evil is the flip side of an equal lack of awareness about the presence and love of God. “This is our real drowsiness,” he said. “We don’t feel God’s presence.”

Sorry, but I just don’t get this guy! I mean, I know he’s officially infallible and all that but I get the impression that he is just making stuff like this up as he goes along. Where in God’s name (pun intended) does he get this guff???

After all, could it be that Jesus just wanted his merry men to stay awake while he prayed? Shurely not…


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