A Royal Wedding

Ah, doesn’t it just make you feel good all over? Aren’t you proud to be British? It’s a national holiday and a day of celebration – well, unless your employer is not going to pay you for today! Bah! Humbug!

Anyway, hands up everyone who thinks that these two will be enjoying mutual carnal knowledge for the first time tonight? It is, after all their wedding night…

You could, of course, say ‘like father like son’ in this respect, except that in Wills’ case he’s been sleeping with the woman he intends to marry, whereas dear old dad was porking Camilla whilst he was engaged to and after he married Diana.

But we should not apply our modern standards to what is a long standing British tradition. In Victorian times – an indeed before then – they took the vow of ‘procreation of children’ very seriously. It was common in the old days to try out the prospective wife before marrying her with the full knowledge and permission of the parents. For hundreds of years, it was common for the wife to walk down the aisle whilst carrying the first child. Men did not want to marry a barren woman.

So in Wills’ case, there is a precedent and, in any case, it is now acceptable for unmarried people to live together according to modern custom. There is only the Royal tradition of keeping a mistress that could possibly justify Charles’ adulterous behaviour.

So if we are looking for a moral compass, let’s hope that the next head of the Anglican Church will be William V, not Charles III !


One response to “A Royal Wedding

  1. Shame Charles did not sire a son with Camilla while Diana was still around, we could have had a William Fitzwindsor as Duke of Clarence by now.