Mission Creep

Much has been said recently about the phenomenon known as ‘Mission Creep’ in respect of this country’s involvement in Libya.

As far as I can see, it’s a clear case of here we go again. First Iraq, then Afganisan and now Libya. Frankly, all these things are sod all to do with us.

As far as Libya is concerned, the UN gave us a mandate to enforce a no fly zone to protect civilians from ethnic cleansing by Gaddafi.

Regime change was not an aim – oh, hang on, now we can’t see a solutuon without removing Gaddafi.

None of our troops will be involved on the ground – oh, hang on, we need the SAS to target spot for us and to train the rebels.

Any of this sound familiar? If you are American then it should – it was called Vietnam…


2 responses to “Mission Creep

  1. Time to send in the SAS to take out Gaddafi and his sons. Without them there is no regime.

  2. So where next? Sudan? Syria? any one of over 50 ugly regimes in Africa? Mugabe maybe? How about Chavez?Once upon a time we were the worlds policeman and it ruined us.But the polito's adore their "world role" they love prancing up and down on the world stage. Then there's us. The plebs and riff-raff who have to pay, either with their money or worse, with our lives and limbs.But of course we are unimportant compared to the glory of a world role, a mere hindance to the political elite, to be patronised and despised.Only when they need our vote are they interested in us.