Benny’s Easter broadcast

Sorry if you missed it, but Benny has given an Easter broadcast on Italian TV in the interests of ‘improving communication and transparency.”
Right…….believe that when I see it!
The Vatican invited people to send in their questions by e-mail and then the three most popular questions would be put to the Pope in a pre-recorded broadcast for RAI. In the end they decided to expand this to seven questions. Sounds pretty good on the face of it.
Questions are restricted by ‘relevence to the life of Jesus’ – so nothing allowed about covering up sex scandals, then? Transparency, my arse!
The Vatican will decide which are the most asked – sorry, make that relevant – questions and we’ll not be told what the others were.
Answering these pertinent and relevant questions, Benny was aked by the mother of a son in a permanent vegetative state whether to let him die and was told ‘his soul is still there but his body is like a guitar with broken strings.’ Apparently, ‘he can still feel love’ even though he is totally unaware of anything at all.
Asked by a Japanese about the earthquake and tsunami, Benny told her that ‘Jesus suffered as well, you know’ so that’s alright then. 
And a woman in Ivory Coast asked about the suffering and murder in her country to be told ‘only love comes from God. Violence never comes from God’ – well apart from the crusades,the Spanish Inquisition etc etc! You get the picture.
Sorry, but I don’t get what any of this has to do with a Rabbi who was persecuted and crucified 2000 years ago.
Anyway, it was pre-recorded, not live. So call me a cynic, but it seems to me that it could have been recorded weeks ago. Shurley not?

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