Spot the bomb

As my regular reader will know by now, I am not a great football fan.

I don’t actually dislike football. In a former life I used to go to the local club and enjoy a game from the side lines, or in the all-seater stand (50 seats and a corregated tin roof).

I have a friend who is a consultant psychlogist. When I suggested to him that football was basically tribal warfare by surrogate – a view for which I have been mocked over the year – he amazed me by saying : “Exactly!”

Now I have no problem with supporters cheering on their sides at matches. To each his own. However, the last big game I went to was Leeds United against Wimbledon in the semi final of the FA cup at Selhurst Park after they drew at their first meeting.

I was in the back of the stand from where I could get perfect view of a patch of green with some coloured dots moving around on it. I totally could not see the point. You get a much better view on TV, and if you blink you don’t miss the goal – not that I could actually see as far the goal from where I was sitting! Anyone prepared to pay £50 for this is, in my humble opinion, nuts.

But not as nuts as the bastard who sent three parcel bombs to Glasgow Rangers Celtic.

Surrogate warfare is fine in it’s place, but this drags football down to an all time low. The bastard should be strung up.

…or we could just introduce a real game of Rollerball or Death Race?


3 responses to “Spot the bomb

  1. DiocleseWas it not two fans and the manager of Glasgow CELTIC ?

  2. The Nutter you speak off actually sent the Mail Bombs to the Manager and two prominent supporters of the Glasgow Celtic – that notwithstanding I agree with your synopsis regarding the perpetrator of this heinous attempt at murder and mayhem. TBD

  3. I bow to superior knowledge and have altered the piece accordingly! I did tell you I wasn't a football fan…