The Dear Gill Letters (9)

A birthday treat…

Well, so much for the big four-o then!

All I can say is that Monday’s party at home – if you can call number 10 that! – went a damn site better than our ‘secret’ getaway to Spain. I mean Dave thought that by sneaking off on QuEasyJet we could slip out of the country unnoticed. After all. I mean it’s not exactly the Heathrow VIP lounge.

According to the papers of course we went by RyanAir, and BMI to three different Spanish airports all at the same time. If they are going to invade our privacy like this then the least they could do was to actually check their facts. I don’t know – maybe we didn’t go at all and just photoshopped the pictures to fake it while sneaking off to a little country cottage somewhere.

I suppose I shouldn’t complain really after Thailand got called off and then our Nile cruise got caught in a war. The austerity thing is really getting funny though, lol! Flying EasyJet and booking into a budget hotel. I ask you, do I look like I do budget hotel? They do have a back door you know!

And a meal in a local restaurant. Fair enough, but there was a very nice bottle of Verve Cliquot back at the hotel afterwards if you catch my drift. Anyway it was nice to have a break from the kids – and I did insist that if Dave was going to stage this pantomime then there was NO WAY he was going to get away with dragging me off for this load of old tat on the real day.

After all, you’re only 40 once – although I do seem to remember you’ve been 39 or a few years now, haven’t you darling? It’s going to cost Dave a positive banker’s bonus to make this up to me!

Oh, and I won’t bother to send show you the holiday snaps ‘cos most of them have been splattered all over the papers anyway. They’ve got more than we have!

Thanks for the pressy, and see you soon.


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