Benny goes to Assisi…

Pope Benedict XVI and representatives of the world’s major religions will make speeches and sign a common commitment to peace when they meet in Assisi in October, but they will not pray together, the Vatican has said.

I find this totally baffling!

The October gathering will commemorate the 25th anniversary of Pope John Paul II’s “prayer for peace” encounter in Assisi. The 1986 event was seen by many as a milestone in interreligious relations but was criticised by some Catholics who said it appeared to inappropriately mix elements from Christian and non-Christian religions.

Given that the last meeting was called “prayer for peace”, I find the decision even more baffling!

Pope Benedict will prepare for the Assisi gathering by hosting a prayer service with Catholics from the Diocese of Rome in St Peter’s Basilica the evening before. According to the Catholic Herald, “other Catholic dioceses and other Christian communities are encouraged to organise similar prayer services.”

So what they are basically saying is that only the Catholic and ‘other Christians’ should pray together for peace?

There are also apparently arguments wthin the Catholics community that to pray to God with members of other faiths would degrade the Catholic Church’s claim to be the one true faith….

…so, in the interests of peace, let’s cut the hypocrisy and bring back the Crusades!


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