Saving the Euro

Got any spare change, guv?….

Well, if you have then you wont have for long because now Portugal is holding out the begging bowl for the almighty fucking mess that the incompetent load of tossers in Brussels have got us into!

Well, actually that’s not quite fair because there is an even bigger tosser that we have to thank for this almighy fucking mess – and that tosser is none other than Alistair Darling.

In a humungous fit of peek and spite before being told to sod off by the electorate, Alistair popped off to Brussels and agreed that Britain would be more than happy to contribute to any support – for which read ‘rescue’ – fund for the single European currency.

Now this currency was never going to work and for once I have to give thanks to Tony Blair – a man that I despise – for keeping us out. There are far to many countries in the EU and those countries have far too diverse an economic structure for them ever to be united under a single currency. It was doomed from the start and was only pushed through because it was part of the great Fourth Reich masterplan to take over the world by the back door.

Now it’s all gone Pete Tong and Portugal is just the latest to be holding it’s hand out. It’s unlikely to be the last.

So thanks a lot, Alistair. You spiteful little cunt..


4 responses to “Saving the Euro

  1. PiqueA state of vexation caused by a perceived slight or indignity.Agree with the last line, but the current lot appear to have had a hand in it too.

  2. Just wait until Spain wants our money as well!

  3. Hi, I live abroard and am a little amused by the missinformation in the british press. That nice Mr Brown signed you all into the Lisbon Treaty, you can browse it here, I would bring your attention to Article 3 para 4, 4. The Union shall establish an economic and monetary union whose currency is the euro.Britain has been signed ito the Euro by slealth, thats why they are supporting Portugal, they have no choice.

  4. I think it is about time we had a choice – but I'm not holding my breath. Why do we not use the most powerful word in the English language? It's NO!And if they don't like it, how exactly do you fine a country that refuses to pay…