The Dear Gill Letters (8)

Boys and their toys…

As you might imagine, things have been a little intense here lately what with all the fuss over what’s been going on in Libya, and the boys have been throwing their toys out of the pram over what to do!

I mean Dave knows that this isn’t exactly going to be his Falklands but on the other hand he doesn’t want it to turn out the way Iraq did for telfon Tone either! We could all do without another one of those. Anyway, he came up with this bright idea of having a war without anyone on our side actually getting involved. Brill – if it works.

Trouble is, Obummer doesn’t seem to have the cohones, if you know what I mean? He wants to call the shots but doesn’t want to be seen to be leading the show. Dave was really piddled off with him when he rang him the other night. All he kept doing was bringing the subject back to the cricket word cup and could Dave explain the rules to him. In the end Dave sort of lost it and told him it was it was just like Aghanistan – you stand there while people chuck the ball at you, you try not to drop it, and the game goes on forever without getting a result!

Anyway, it was a bit of a relief when old Sarky stepped in. Dave reckoned that Gadoofy hacked him off by telling him he’d bought him the presidency and now it was payback time, so he leapt right in and paid him back with a few bangers. I was going to go with Dave to Paris so I could get a bit off shopping in while Dave was at the palace, but then Madame S offered to go with me. OMG, have you seen her? She makes me look positively scruffy!

Anyhow, it all worked out alright in the end. Each of the boys got to polish their shiney new aeroplanes, stroke their missiles and move their ships about and everyone was happy. Talk about boys and their toys!

Never liked Paris much anyway – too many French people!

Toodle pip for now,


One response to “The Dear Gill Letters (8)

  1. She wil be pleased that Dave has finally sent off the rest of the RAF, 4 Tornados; let's hope the Ruskies don't catch on! Never liked Paris either, not enough Frenchmen.