Rotten Boroughs : Suffolk County Council

Yes, they’re at it again in Suffolk – and you guessed it! The centre of attention is none other than their much respected (sic) chief executive Andrea Hill.

It seems that the grossly overpaid Andrea has now pissed off the councillors so much that a couple of them have decided to openly criticise her in the national press.

Kathy Pollard and Caroline Page have expressed their opinions in a full page article in a national Sunday newspaper, specifically about recent revelations over money spent for a photoshoot for Mrs Hill and senior councillors and lifestyle coaching sessions for the chief executive and others. Priceless…

This shameless £218,000 a year trougher has even attracted the attantion of David Cameron – and frankly about time too! Whether he has the balls to do anything about it remains to be seen, but we live in hope…

Mrs Pollard states: “All heads of local authorities have had unpleasant decisions to make during the past 25 years as successive national governments have cut their spending. Yet the average person would be hard pressed to name those chief executives. Not so in Suffolk. Mention Suffolk County Council to anybody and the subject of THAT WOMAN and her salary will arise. It’s an issue that just won’t go away.”

She later claims that Mrs Hill has become “confused” with being responsible for a lot of public money “with being worth a lot of public money”.

Nicely put!

(You can read more about it in the Daily Mail by clicking here)


One response to “Rotten Boroughs : Suffolk County Council

  1. Kathy Pollard and Caroline Page will soon be led away in chains by the Suffolk Stassi for bringing the county council into disrespect.