Brown appointed advisor to OBR

Sometimes you just have to wonder if there is any sanity in Westminster at all!

My blood boiled last night when the Government announced that in order to allay ‘accusations of right wing bias’ in the Office of Budget Responsibility, they have appointed Gordon Brown as a ‘special advisor’.

An OBR spokesperson said of the appointment : ‘Mr Brown’s appointment in an advisory capacity reflects his wealth of economic and financial knowledge gained through both his time as Prime Minister and, of course, his many years as Chancellor of the Exchequer. We are sure he will make a valuable contribution to the work of the OBR.’

I expect we’ll be paying him a nice fat fee as well!

That’s of course ignoring the fact that he’s one who got the country in this bloody mess to start with…


2 responses to “Brown appointed advisor to OBR

  1. OK Dioclese – 'fess up. This is April the 1st. You must be having a laugh.Please tell me you are having a laugh.Please

  2. As if I would…!