“Oh, yes it does…”

Take a good look at the above picture because it contravenes the Geneva Convention!

“Oh, no it doesn’t…” I hear you cry. Well, sorry but I’m afraid that it does!

Take a good look at Nurse Poltis – that’s the one on the left in case you can’t work it out for yourself. The Red Cross emblems on her uniform were changed to green crosses after the British Red Cross informed the theatre it was breaking the law and could face prosecution.

Unauthorised use of the emblem violates the Geneva Conventions Act 1957.

The British Red Cross said it had contacted the Pavilion Theatre over the use of a red cross on the nurse’s costume in the pantomime.

All I can say is that it’s a shame they’ve got fuck all better to do…


5 responses to ““Oh, yes it does…”

  1. Captain Haddock

    So .. going along with this idiocy ..Every little girl's "nurse" dressing-up outfit & every toy Doctors kit bearing a Red Cross contravenes the Geneva Convention does it ?If I apply a Red Cross to the First Aid kits in my home & in my car, I break the law do I ?Well, I have news for the British Red Cross .. I couldn't give a fish's tit & won't be altering my First Aid kits .. so they can fuck right off & get a life ..

  2. Yet another cahridee I refue to support. Wankers.What I cannot understand is why there isn't single soul in this charity who turns round to the idiot who came up with this madness and tells them to fuck right off. They cannot all be lunatics, surely.

  3. The Red Cross are a serious outfit old boy, not a fucking pantomine…..Oh yes they are!

  4. Captain Haddock

    The Geneva Convention is somewhat like the EU in that only Britain takes it seriously and abides by its rules .. every other bugger takes the piss left, right & centre .. and gets away with it ..I was always at a loss to understand why, when told during my Armed Forces days that it was "against the Geneva Convention" to clean a Bayonet with metal polish "in case someone should get blood poisoning and die" ..The whole point (no pun intended) of a Bayonet is to eviscerate the other bastard .. he 'aint gonna live long enough to contract Septocaemia .. (if you follow the training & do it properly) ..And in any event .. who told the British Red Cross or the signatories to the Geneva Convention that they hold exclusive "ownership" of the Red Cross symbol ?Its been around far longer than either organisation .. and has managed rather well without their unwarranted interference ..Tossers ..

  5. Ah, yes. The cunting red cross.They refuse to allow Christmas decorations in their Charidee shops for fear of upsetting Muslims.Not another penny from me, you lefty cunts!