Sod it! I’m off to…

I’m off on holiday for a few weeks – 5 to be exact. So I’ve left you a little quiz to keep you occupied while I’m away.

 Can you guess where I am yet? Answer in the next (but one) post…


5 responses to “Sod it! I’m off to…

  1. Not a clue.But enjoy your holiday.

  2. London

  3. 5 weeks. FIVE WEEKS!Dioclese you must have had a part time job with he TSA or GTC or the quango organising bog brushes or something. That is serious holiday.Have a good one and remember your liver is your friend…. not too much of the local Metaxa equivalent now!regardsBillo

  4. And the little quiz is hardly a contest is it?It is obviously Bognor Regis.Where do I claim my prize?

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