Smokey drinkey…

I don’t usually get involved in the arguments about smoking and drinking other than to say it’s up to the individual how he treats his own body, but I thought this piece might just cheer up my old friends the Filthy Engineer and Leg Iron.

This is Arthur Langran. Last month, Arthur celebrated his 100th birthday. Congratulations, Arthur.

Arthur was asked to what he attributed the secret of his long and active life. He told us that he had smoked al least 10 ciggies every day since the age of 20 and religiously drinks a glass of Macallum single malt scotch every night before going to bed.

So that’s over 300,000 cigarettes and few hundred crates of scotch. Oh, and he also smokes a pipe. So how has this effected him?

His son, who fortuitously for Arthur’s scotch habit owns a pub, says “His doctor has said it’s not worth telling him to give up the cigarettes. He’s still in good health and gets up stairs whenever he wants.”

So take heart – there are lies, damn lies and statistics…


10 responses to “Smokey drinkey…

  1. Well done Arthur. That's the way to live life.

  2. My grandfather made it to 94 on a similar diet. He always claimed that distilling his own calvados was his secret and I'm trying his method out myself.So far, so good.

  3. Well done that man!The doctor also merits a mention for leaving him to decide what's best for himself.

  4. Captain Haddock

    Good on yer Arthur ..We Pipesmokers know a thing or two, eh ? .. 😉

  5. I remember, when my father was dying of prostate cancer, asking his doctor if perhaps Dad should stop smoking. Doc's reply 'Up to 10 a day won't do much if any harm'. That was 22 years ago but I'm sure that doc still thinks the same today – although he may no be vocal about it.A few week's before Dad died he stopped smoking. He said nothing but when he died I found several packets of Gold Leaf neatly stored in a toilet bag. The nurses told me he just hadn't fancied a cigarette.

  6. Flaxen Saxon

    I do confess I’m a bit ambivalent when it comes to smoking. I started smoking cigarettes as a student. All my mates smoked and my girlfriend of the time also. I continued to smoke for 9 years. I was never a heavy smoker, just 6-7 a day. Not only did I smoke ciggies but I cultivated a pipe smoking habit- to be honest I thought it made me look like an intellectual (young twat). When I decided to quit, I found it really fucking hard. Really hard. I suppose it took about 6 months before I became comfortable being a non-smoker. Looking back I honestly think it is the hardest thing I’ve done in my life. Nicotine is addictive and smoking is very pleasurable. I haven’t smoked a cigarette in over 30 years and yet I miss them every day. Strangely at 5.30pm every night I get the urge to smoke- very odd, but I suspect after all this time it will never go away. Interestingly my wife was a smoker but gave up for both pregnancies, no problem at all, but went back to it after the births. One day she said this is not good for my health, and stopped. I lamely decided to follow. So, I’m not nicotine Nazi. People should be allowed to indulge their pleasures as long as it doesn’t affect others. When on the infrequent occasions I visit my doctor (first sign of death I’m off to the GP) she usually berates me about my drinking. And it is true I do drink a lot. Well at least a lot more than the arbitrary set safe limits. And yet she has to admit I’m fit and healthy with low blood pressure and with text book normal blood biochemical parameters. I have no ambition to be a really old man; very content with my 3 score and ten. When things become intolerable or my life is no longer worth living I intend to go with some dignity. Socrates ‘dreamless sleep’ holds no terrors. These days I enjoy the occasional cigar. I smoke at least two a year. As a ritual with my son on Christmas day and the other is smoked every 32nd of Julember.

  7. Interesting how two people can be so different, FS.I started smoking at 16 and when I gave it up in 1978 I was up to about 60-80 a day. I also have tried cigars and a pipe as well.I remember I gave up when they hit £1 for 20. I just thought "Fuck that. I'm not paying a quid for a packet of fags!"I suffered absolutely no withdrawal, although I do remember fancying a fag with a pint down the local after work, but even when offered one, I declined.I like your expression 'nicotine nazi' and agree totally with the 'your body, your choice' philosophy.My dad died of a heart attack at the age of 61. He smoked at least 20 untipped Players Navy Cut a day for at least 40 years.I just reckon one size fits all doesn't really work?…

  8. Flaxen Saxon

    I suppose we are all different. Intriguingly you being a heavy smoker and me being a light smoker and having different quit experiences . Strange but true. My wife was a very light smoker and could always give it up whilst pregnant. She has not smoked for at least 30 years and yet still misses the fags. Fascinating. My dad died at 64 of lung cancer. He was an ex smoker of 20 years.

  9. Much as I appreciate your comments, FS, isn't it the middle of the night over there ???

  10. Flaxen Saxon

    Its 1.00 am in sunny New Zealand for us insomniacs