Get ready for the winter of discontent

Apparently, Ed Miliband thinks it is OK for his party to support strikes to defend against the forthcoming budget cuts and privatisations.

Well that’s fine, Ed. Except that it’s easy to talk bollocks when you’re in opposition.

Let’s look at the one inalienable fact that no-one seems to be able to understand in your new Old Labour party : It is cheaper to outsource services than it is for local councils to do it themselves. Otherwise, they would not be doing it.

On the face of it, this is patent nonsense. How can it be cheaper to employ companies who build in profit margins? Surely, if the council uses it’s own resources on a non profit making basis then it must be cheaper? But it isn’t…

So why is this? Well, the simple fact is that council services are very inefficient because they are tied down by the restrictive practices that your marvellous Trade Union movement has saddled on local government.

So when you are standing out on the picket line protesting, remember – you brought it on yourselves…


4 responses to “Get ready for the winter of discontent

  1. Too true mate!, its time the councils stopped making a profit as well!

  2. So how come some Ozzie sheila is whinging about Barnetts cuts? (look at the web-site on the bottom of her banner.) I thought when we exported the crimmos to Oz in the 1820's it was with a one way ticket – now they are coming back. Bloody disgrace.As for you Dioclese, come the revolution you will be first up against the wall. bop bop bop. That is unless the Catholic church or some Islamic fatwa gets you first. Enjoy the Metaxa while you can.RegardsBillothewisp

  3. There seems to be real problem with reality in the public sector. They just will not understand that we don't have the money to carry on in this way. A lot of them belive that we private sector employess should be taxed as much as necessary to give them the jobs, wages and pensions they feel they are entitled to.

  4. IH – Too true. Why do councils have to make profits?Billo – I'm out of Metaxa. I'm off to the Pacific next. Let's see the fuckers find me there!D-Rex – Couldn't have put it better myself,although to be fair my wife gets a civil service pension.Having said which, I paid enough bloody tax to fund it twice over. ( and welcome to the forum )

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