Dear National Grid…

Recently on the BBC, I was impressed to listen to a report about a music festival in Scandinavia that was only running on renewable energy.

Apparently, the site was next to a hydro electric plant and the festival was powered by plugging into their equivalent of the National Grid. Now, I thought that by plugging into the Grid for their power, they were taking a mixture of energy sources connected to the grid at that time, not just the one next door.

But the BBC cannot possibly be talking bollocks. It’s the BBC.

So please can you arrange for my house to only recieve power from green, renewable energy sources in the future rather than all these sources that pollute the planet. I’m not sure how you do this, but if the BBC says it can be done, then I am sure you know the answer.

Looking forward to being able to push the big green power button,

Yours sincerely,

Ivor Bigbottie,
Green Acres,
Lower Carbon,
NE1 4T.


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