Solving the University crisis

If you have been unsucessful in getting a place at University this year, then here’s an idea for the coalition government which could solve the problem for future generations at a stroke…

A friend of mine has a Bsc(Hons) in Therapeutic Radiography. To get that, her acadamic year was 48 weeks – not 30 like you lot!

Here’s the bright idea. We should increase the academic year from 30 weeks to 45. This still leaves students and tutors with 7 weeks off every year – which is a damn site more than the working population gets.

By doing this we could reduce the length of a degree course from three years to two, hence at a stroke increasing the number of places available at univerity by a third. It would also make students more aware of the conditions they will be working to when they get out into the big, bad job world. It would also save money through economies of scale.

And thinking about it, teachers are underworked anyway. I’d kill for their holidays…


One response to “Solving the University crisis

  1. Good idea but it would be opposed by just about everybody in academia except perhaps the finance managers.Something like 30,000 University places have been denied to our youngsters because those places have been sold for profit to overseas students (notably from China). The Universities think they are being clever but what happens in the future when China builds its own University infrastucture and that cash-cow dies?

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