A song for global warming day

Today is 10:10:10 and is being marked by a day of action to force people to make a commitment to reduce their emissions by 10%.

I use the word ‘force’ advisedly due to a recent appalling bad taste ‘mini-movie’ – that’s a propaganda video to you and me – which shows people being blown up if they don’t agree with the eco-loonies at 10:10UK.

Anyway, here is an original song by me which I am submitting as my contribution to 10:10:10 day :

Video hosting by

Incidentally, the biggest contribution to greenhouse gasses is the carbon dioxide produced by people when they breathe out, so if we could get some of these prats to stop breathing…


4 responses to “A song for global warming day

  1. I see no link. Are you just humming it under your breath?

  2. That's excellent! Annoyingly, though, I'm still humming it 5 mins later. That chorus is dangerously catchy.

  3. Saw that at the Eye.Has anyone told you that you sound a bit like Ian Dury?

  4. I think I take that as a compliment!I have a great respect for the Blockheads as a very tight together band. If they are looking for a new front man, then I am definitely interested and I hope I passed the audition!

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