Fuck off, Benny [2]

Benny Ratshitter has struck again!
Now you have probably worked out by now that I do not exactly have a lot of time for the conclave of hypocritical bastards that comprise the catholic church. Well, this occasion is no exception.
Robert Edwards is the genius that gave the world IVF, as a result of which some 4.5 million infertile mothers have been granted the gift of motherhood. But does the catholic church think that as a result of this he deserves to be awarded the Nobel prize for medicine? Like fuck they do!…
Ignazio Carrasco de Paula, President of the Pontifical Academy for Life, said the award was ‘entirely misplaced’ and went on to say that ‘Without Edwards there would be no market for human eggs; without Edwards there would not be freezers full of embryos waiting to be transferred to a uterus, or, more likely, used for research or left to die, abandoned and forgotten by all.’
He also blamed Professor Edwards for the ‘current state of confusion of assisted procreation, children with four or five parents, babies born from their grandmothers.’
Well let’s be honest : Firstly we would really expect the catholic church to get it’s facts right would we? Secondly, if you don’t play the game, then don’t try and make the rules – unless of course you are prepared to admit that a priest’s vow of celibacy is nothing more than a sham!
I know the pope is officially infallible, but you can fuck off on this one, Ratshitter…

One response to “Fuck off, Benny [2]

  1. They're probably worried about their franchise…I mean if 4.5Million women have conceived without male intervention what price divine conception now eh…maybe they're afraid we will figure out the original one was done by aliens after all, lets face it ratsniggers relatives cannot possibly be human now can they?

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