A Nun’s Vow of Poverty

OK. It’s Sunday, so time for my regular look at the workings of religion – and, believe me, this one is a real piss boiler…

According to the Daily Telegraph, “A Benedictine nun who faces an impoverished retirement is challenging the Government’s refusal to give benefits to members of religious orders.

Sister Mary Scott, 74, and one other nun run the Oulton Abbey community near Stone in Staffordshire, where they manage a small nursing home and playgroup, but she is getting too old to keep working.

Sister Mary has never been paid, so never paid National Insurance, and what money she makes goes on food and clothes.

A Government regulation excludes ‘members of religious orders who are fully maintained by their order’ from pension credits, but her lawyers argue that the abbey is not supported by the Benedictine order which has no central hierarchy. She has been given permission to take the case to the Court of Appeal.

Her barrister, Stephen Knafler QC, said poverty was an ‘endemic’ problem facing the country’s 5,000 remaining nuns and 1,400 monks, most now past retirement age.”

Well of course it is, you stupid bugger! It’s endemic because they take a vow of poverty! Although clearly in the light of the scandal of child molestation by priests, religious vows count for fuck all these days!

And another thing, if she has “never been paid”, where did she get the money from to spend on “food and clothes”?

You two faced, hypocritical bastards! I hope that this is all going down in St Peter’s ledger ready for your day of judgement. You make me sick, the lot of you!


5 responses to “A Nun’s Vow of Poverty

  1. I refer them to the last Labour minister in charge of finance…"Money?…there's nun left"

  2. Why do Nuns always walk around in pairs ?Cos the first Nun makes sure the second nun gets Nun …:)

  3. I thought it was just a habit CH.

  4. Joke:First man : "How Tall is a Penguin?"Second man : "About 3 foot…"First man : "Fuck -I just ran over a nun!"Another joke :A man is playing darts in a pub. The dart board is hung on the back of a door. The first dart gets a double top. The second also gets a double top.Just as he throws the third dart, the door open and a nun walks in. The dart hits her in the temple, pierces her brain and kills her stone dead.The caller announces "One nun dead and eighty!"

  5. [turns around and walks out shaking head]

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