A Postcard from Greece [3]

Now that we are all one big federal country called the Fourth Reich European Union, I’m drawn to reflect on what makes us all so compatible…

After all, the Greeks and the Brits are all citizens of Greater Germania Europe, so we must have a lot in common.

For example, the Greeks didn’t want to join the euro but no one asked them either! Ditto the European Constitution. So common ground there already. What else? Well, almost everything in this apartment is home made. Can we say that in Britain? The last rental place I stayed at in England everything was imported – mainly from China I seem to recall.

Smokers here are allowed to kill themselves if they want. No health warnings on their fag packets! They simply wouldn’t tolerate it. Fruit and vegetables are odd shapes. No dictate here on the shape of strawberries or the size of tomatoes. They chuck ’em into boxes and you pick what you want. You won’t find that in Tesco!

Hours and not regulated (well, not enforced anyway!) and you can take the kids in with you so they can get a lemonade while you sup your ale. And people are actually allowed to take responsibility for their own actions. How refreshing!

And all those directives from the Reichstag EU commission we are so quick to implement in the UK? The Greeks just ignore them. As one local told me “They can do what they like in Athens. It’s not really relevant here.”

So what we have in common with the Greeks? Bugger all – the lucky sods!


3 responses to “A Postcard from Greece [3]

  1. Do you believe everything you read?Smokers don't "kill themselves" smoking any more than drinkers "kill themselves" drinking or fat people "kill themselves" eating.

  2. No, Frank, I don't believe everything I read. The smoking comment was an ironical jibe at the nanny state that believes just that.However, my grandfather definitely drank himself to death (Liver failure at 40) and my father's 80 a day untipped Players Navy Cut probably didn't help his heart attack at 58. I'm a fat, drinking driver and I'm still here – although I did give up smoking 30 years ago. But I do definitely beieve people should not be bullied by the government. It's your life and body after all…

  3. lets hope that it stays that way and that the directives don't end up slipping into everyday life – it concerns me in the UK when people start not doing things in case someone sues. Come on!