A Postcard from Greece

OK – I’m back off holiday, but we all know that we get home before the postcards, so here’s one I wrote earlier…

Last time I was in Greece, back in May, I’d not been here for a few years and was wondering exactly where the Greece I remembered – not quite of my youth because these days my memory isn’t that good – had disappeared to!

Well, I’m pleased to report that it still exists although, as you would expect, it’s a damn sight harder to find these days than it used to be. I’m resisting the temptation to tell you where I am because, frankly, I’d like to keep it to myself. Suffice it to say that it took a four hour flight, a 40 minute bus ride, 45 minutes in a boat and a half hour taxi ride to get here – and you know when you’ve arrived because the road doesn’t go further than the village. Lovely!

We’ve got a simple appartment over a small shop painted as you expect in white with splashes of deep blue. There’s a big terrace with a table, two comfy chairs and a pair of sunbeds.The mini market (there’s only one!) is literally 50 yards away and the harbour front has five restaurants and a couple of coffee shops. It’s exactly how I remember Greece twenty 20 years ago apart from the mobile phone mast and the Internet cafe.

But if that’s the only modern incursions, then I can handle it!


One response to “A Postcard from Greece

  1. Bucky Larstard!!!I wanna go there!Wv =suprebi….sigh!

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