Fuck off, Benny!

As both my regular readers will know, I sometimes like to hit a religious note on a Sunday, and what better Sunday than today when the Pope’s State Visit to the UK comes to an end?

So as we wish his Holiness a fond farewell, with these heartfelt words : “Fuck off and don’t come back!”, I have prepared a little souvenir of his stay in the UK in the form of the following document :

From : H.M Government of the United Kingdon
To : Pope Benedict, The Vatican, Italy


Item Charge
Provision of Security Services during Papal Visit             £   15,000,000.00
Shortfall in Catholic Church’s contribution to events  £     3,200,000.00
Hire of Stadia and marshaling services £     5,000,000.00
Administration and management fees £     9,000,000.00
Fine for breach of law re right of sexual expression £   10,000,000.00
Fine for inciting religious hatred against non Catholics £     5,000,000.00
Fine for breach of law on sexual equality by refusing to
ordain female ministers
£   10,000,000.00
Penalty for preverting the course of justice in relation to
abuse of minors by Catholic priests
£   50,000,000.00
Compensation for minors abused by aforesaid priests £   40,000,000.00
Sub-total £ 147,200,000.00
Plus : VAT at 17.5% £   25,760,000.00
TOTAL PAYABLE £ 172,960,000.00

Terms : Strictly net 30 days

I think that should keep him away for another year or two…


2 responses to “Fuck off, Benny!

  1. You forgot to add the now obligatory (it would seem);Failure to pay within 10 days will result in court action and further costs being awarded against youIt should never have been allowed to come here at all!

  2. Bravo!Thank Heaven the UK is now rid of this blasphemous, revolting, creep.

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