Ambulance chasers

Question : What’s the difference between a lawyer and a fish?

Answer : One is cold and slimey. The other is a fish.

For some time now I have deplored the continuing advance of the litigation culture in this country.

Nothing is ever my fault. If I fall over a paving stone, sue the council. If I drive my car into a ditch, sue the road repairers. You get the picture…

Lawyers hit an all time low in my estimation when they started chasing ambulances. Until today. Today a leaflet came through my door which is disturbing even by their standards.

Let’s drum up some divorce business!

“Falling apart at the seams? Looking to end your relationship? Try our fixed fee divorce service!”

“Talk to one of our experts in confidence about our fixed fee divorce service. First appointment free.”

“We will answer your queries on divorce, seperation, children, finances, cohabitee disputes, domestic violence, living together agreements, pre-nuptial agreements, changes of name and ” – wait for it – “other related issues.” – whatever they are…

Never mind marriage councelling. Never mind working at the relationship.

If you weren’t thinking about divorce already, now’s the time!


One response to “Ambulance chasers

  1. The 'offence' line of reasoning seems to be doing rather well in certain quarters these days.Clearly you've been distressed by this awful episode and deserve compensation.

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